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Compact and international, Geneva is the perfect destination for all your events thanks to its expertise and Swiss values, which go hand in hand with professionalism and a vast network. It welcomes experts and visitors seeking quality and efficiency from all over the world.

The city of Geneva offers the perfect destination for any kind of event in a multitude of ways: Swiss professionalism and values go hand in hand with expertise and a powerful network within this compact yet international city. Visitors love its magnificent natural setting, cultural wealth and easy accessibility.

The “Capital of Peace”, as Geneva is known, offers top-quality infrastructure and expertise in several domains such as multilateral diplomacy, academic, medical and innovation.

With its strategic location and efficient transportation system, this walkable city with free public transport is easily accessible: just 7 minutes by train from the airport to the city centre. Geneva enjoys an international outlook and a beautiful natural environment. Gastronomy, culture and nature-based activities are a few more of the city’s highlights.

Geneva Convention Bureau with its expert team of professionals and its powerful network is all you need to organise a notable event and achieve your goals. Swiss values and efficiency are what sets the city apart when it comes to business.



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