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7039 Results found

7039 Results found
7039 Results found
  • Pinte des Mossettes

    I decided to write a new chapter here in the heart of Gruyère, working at a stove steeped in history, which has produced so many different dishes. (Romain Paillereau)
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  • Ze Fork

    As for the house concept: guests enjoy three different dishes, based around different themes, such as the sea, the land, the garden, foie gras or even chocolate!
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  • Restaurant Dörfli

    This venue exudes comfort, cosiness and charm in the traditional manner of a lakeside restaurant. Enjoy the friendly service and intimate ambience.
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  • Hôtel de Ville

    Here in this friendly and charming inn in the centre of the town of Gruyères, you can sample high-quality and authentic local cuisine or try more traditional dishes.
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  • Ferdinand by CERVO

    Cheese in its most beautiful form and other local masterpieces land on the plates of «Ferdi». Straightforward Swiss cuisine with high-quality ingredients in a modern ambience.
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  • Rico's

    Atmospheric ambience. Personal objects. Loving details. Refreshingly uncomplicated, generous and undisguised - with a palpable passion for the guest.
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  • Casa Alva

    Graubünden specialities with a very special touch, demonstrating international flair, some classic and familiar, some mixed or even created from scratch promise culinary highlights.
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  • Hotel Chesa Grischuna

    Guests of the stylish restaurant of the Romantik Hotel Chesa Grischuna in Klosters will continue to be able to feast like “the kings of France.” Ronald Fressner, our chef, brings not only considerable know- how, but he also brings his own signature.
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  • Gasthaus Tübli Gersau

    Arvenholz ist zwar nicht ganz typisch für den Kanton Schwyz, aber eben doch einfach schön und echt. Genauso präsentiert sich unsere Küche: einfach, frisch, ehrlich und gut.
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  • Chalet-Restaurant le Tsalè

    Here you can enjoy delicious traditional dishes, such as soupe de chalet (a potato, onion and spinach broth), Gruyère/Vacherin fondue, Vacherin fondue, croûte au fromage (a hot dish based on bread and cheese), croûte forestière (toasted bread and mushr...
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  • Drei Könige: Restaurant Kaspar

    The Drei Könige country inn has been in existence since 1653 and is therefore the oldest and most traditional inn in Entlebuch. With its beautiful façade, it enjoys a central aura in the village of Entlebuch.
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  • Zunfthausrestaurant Pfistern

    Our seasonal and fresh offer unites the typically Swiss kitchen and elements and ingredients from the Mediterranean region. The result is a contemporary culinary world: inventive, surprising and in harmony with the local traditions.
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  • Landgasthof Hirsernbad

    Das Hirsernbad hat eine lange, eindrückliche Geschichte hinter sich. Das Haus wurde in seinen Kernelementen so erhalten, wie es vor langer Zeit einmal erbaut wurde. Nebst unserer Gaststube stehen Ihnen in der Trachtenstube, der Grosistube..
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  • Restaurant Des Trois Tours

    The discerning chef Alain Bächler is firmly rooted in his homeland – and the same goes for his cuisine. In his pretty restaurant with its magnificent view of Fribourg's medieval old city, he celebrates the best of the surrounding region and creates down-to-earth dishes with plenty of skill and imagination.
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  • Landhaus Liebefeld: Gaststube

    Our restaurant invites you to drink, eat and unwind. Sip your breakfast coffee while reading the newspaper, savour the daily menu at lunchtime, enjoy an afternoon chat or take your time over a leisurely dinner.
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  • Restaurant Alpenblick

    Im Herzen der Tradition urchiger Kochkunst verpflichtet, im Geiste offen für Neues: So aufregend hat Schweizer Küche selten geschmeckt - regionale Zutaten gespickt mit einer Prise Bündnerland.
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  • Seehotel Delphin

    Sit back and enjoy the fabulous views of Lake Hallwil and let the chefs and sommeliers show you their skills. The Delphin lakeside hotel has it all. Folding glazed panels provide the perfect setting for a classic intimate and romantic dinner.
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  • Restaurant Gîte du Prilet

    Que vous désirez un repas régional traditionnel, une pizza savoureuse et créative, ou un hamburger à l’américaine, vous êtes sûr de trouver quelque chose de délicieux à votre goût.
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  • Restaurant Tropengarten

    Dine under banana plants and papaya trees! The Tropengarten restaurant has a special ambiance and impressive food – dishes that will transport you to the tropics in no time at all.
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