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Lugano, Kulturzentrum



Developing visions, celebrating successes, and bringing people together: Switzerland is a meeting place with an impressive tradition. You can find a wide range of meeting venues featuring state-of-the-art facilities and specialist expertise throughout the country. Enjoy an inspiring setting for your conference, along with all the benefits of a country famous for its reliability and exacting standards.

Business Destination

Обладая не слишком большими запасами природных ресурсов, Швейцария обязана своим процветанием инвестициям в людей. Высококвалифицированные специалисты со знанием нескольких языков, исследовательские институты мирового уровня, фокус на инновациях и международном сотрудничестве, быстрое воплощение полученного опыта в бизнес-продукты: Иными словами, наша страна – благодатная почва для новых идей. Расположившись в самом центре Европы, Швейцария по праву считается идеальным местом для налаживания деловых контактов, поиска партнеров под проекты, освоения и обмена ноу-хау, ведения бизнеса и получения доступа к новым рынкам.

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Pre- & post-congress tours

Despite its comparatively small size, Switzerland offers an unparalleled wealth of cultural, urban and scenic natural experiences. Thanks to the short distances and excellent public transport connections, the mountains, lakes and nature of all destinations can be reached in no time. Tickets and packages can be booked quickly and individually, and timetables can be easily found online at any time.

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Congress references

Switzerland has won numerous awards as a knowledge and business hub and offers ideal conditions for congresses. That is why Switzerland is often host of international congresses and world-famous events. The following excerpt shows which organizers have recently chosen Switzerland.

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Did you know ICCA Ranking: Switzerland ranks 17th among the most popular countries for international association congresses

In 2019, Switzerland hosted 221 congresses. The ranking of the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), which is based on international association congresses with more than 50 participants, includes more than 100 countries and over 400 cities worldwide. Switzerland thus continues to occupy a top position.

Country ranking

Switzerland leads the way in the international country rankings year in, year out. This country in the heart of Europe consistently comes out on top. In the Global Innovation Index, for example, Switzerland has topped the list ahead of around 150 other countries for three consecutive years.

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